I actually started out as a mechanic, yes, an automotive mechanic having over 30+ years experience and my associates degree in auto technology. I began writing my first story, Mechanics of Murder, after I had been fired for taking maternity leave. I took a 3rd shift job and trying to keep myself awake, I used my imagination and started creating a story of a female mechanic, which I was, finding a dead body underneath the truck she was working on. My father absolutely loved the story and encouraged me to complete it and get it published. I was almost finished with the first draft when my father had a stroke. Encouraging him to get better, I rushed the book to Lulu Publishing without it being edited. My father was able to hold my first novel but was never able to read it, he passed away 2 days later. But it began a passion for me that has not dwindled!

I have continued writing and my list has now grown. With Love; Now & Forever and Shadows, both paranormal romances though with different personalities and twists. The sequel to Mechanics of Murder, A Wrench in the Plan, was completed in January of 2011 and has been with a major publisher for consideration since March and I’m hoping that they will contract it. With the attention and interest Mechanics is getting internationally, I’m happy to say that Mechanics was pulled from the market and I finished editing it and expanding the tale. It is now availible polished and sparkly. I know my Dad would be proud. Love’s Everlasting Song is a sweet contemporary romance where hopes and dreams and occasionally fairy tales do come true.

I have 3 more novels in the works and plan on writing for many more years! My stories are not sexually graphic because I believe the use of your own imagination can be more romantic and more sensual than what I will put into words and I ALWAYS have to have a happy ending! Life is meant to be fun, enjoy the journey!!!

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