Mechanics of Murder

I wanted to share with you the books that I’ve written. As I mention in “About Me”, Mechanics of Murder was my first. Josephine Lingenfelter will probably always be my favorite character because in a sense, she is me. I chose the name Josephine because like my name, I wanted it to be shortened to a “male” name, Jo. In my case, mine is Rae (I’m named after my father, Raymond, and my Mother, Carol Ann, specifically Ann) and my maiden name is Lingenfelter. My character’s personality is mirrored to that of my own and Steve Rafferty, her love interest, mirror’s that of my husband, Robert Steven Hadley. She’s been fun to grow with and though there are some things she now does that I don’t think I would dare, I won’t hold her back. The sequel, A Wrench in the Plan, is currently being reviewed by Harlequin. Saga Books has offered to contract it if Harlequin turns it down so Josephine wins either way, her second story will hopefully be told this year. You can find Mechanics of Murder on Amazon.

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